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Lekin Hum Kya Kar Saktein Hain? (A flipbook to understand Child’s Rights based WASH)


This flipbook is a tool to be used by the facilitators (staff and/or volunteers) during IPC sessions with community members. It acts as an aid for the facilitator to help the audience think through the questions that come in mind with regards to Child Rights based WASH and also come up with the answers themselves. Thus, the learning and messages can be internalized. Therefore, the story is simple and drafted in a way that there is opportunity for the facilitator to stop and ask questions at key places. Just like ‘magnet theatre’, men and women can be encouraged to place themselves in the situation and share how they would have tackled a situation or what the answer would be to a question. The end of the story is a call to action wherein the facilitator can help the community to come up with concrete action points to ensure children get their WASH rights.


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