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Tara, Hamari ASHA - Maa aur Shishu ki Dekhbhaal


Duration: 14 mins


Year of Production: 2010


Client: National Rural Health Mission and Population Council, India (with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)


Brief Description: The 14 minute stop-and-start animation film uses an enter-educate approach and tells the story of Tara, an ASHA, who supports Kaveri and her family through the entire process of pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care. The story is interspersed with ‘learning’ slides that sum up key points dealing with technical issues as also focusing on the role of the ASHA in the community.


Additional aid: The film discussion guide accompanying the film provides the facilitator discussion points to be used after every episode. It highlights the issues to be emphasized and helps focus the discussion around key learnings.



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