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All in a Day’s Work, Coming Together to Stop TB


Duration: 09:56 mins


Year of Production: 2008

Client: Family Health International, with funding support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Brief Description: Shobha, the lead character of the film, is an outreach worker associated with the TB programme. Through her, this animation film introduces the viewers to several characters, like Ramesh who is suffering from TB, Shabana who is studying to become a health worker, Jayant who works at a laboratory, Prema who is going to start her TB medication, and Nizam who has left his medication halfway because he has started feeling better. The film shows a typical day in the life of Shobha as she goes about her work in the community, spreading awareness, motivating people to come for testing, encouraging patients to continue with their medication, and dealing with the many challenges that she faces.

Additional aid: The booklet accompanying the film recaps the important points from the story and is a take-away product for viewers who have been exposed to the film.



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