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Training in Communication


The Communication Hub offers training programmes in the following areas:


@ Designing effective communication strategies and interventions

@ Print, audio-visual, ICT-based design and production

@ Research in communication programmes

@ Using communication aids effectively

@ Skills enhancement in interpersonal and group communication

@ Working with folk media

@ Engagement of communication agencies for social sector campaigns

@ Integrating entertainment with  information


Specialized Training on HIV/AIDS


Specific to HIV/AIDS, The Communication Hub offers the following training packages:


- Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the NGO, corporate and public sector

- Effective HIV/AIDS communication: From Planning to Evaluation

- Strategic Communication to support People Living with HIV/AIDS

- Skills building in communicating for Targeted Intervention Programmes

- Media sensitization workshops

- Sensitizing opinion leaders on HIV/AIDS

- Case studies on HIV/AIDS communication in India



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