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Materials Design & Production


We undertake design and development of social sector communication campaigns, covering a wide range of print, electronic, interactive and innovative product development and design.


Communication products that we design:


@  ICT based tools

@  Interactive games

@  Edutainment based comic books

@  Posters, leaflets, booklets

@  TV Spots

@  Film: documentaries, training films, curtain raisers, etc

@  Audio materials: Music based products to support behaviour change communication;

      Radio spots, Radio serial dramas

@  Clinic based materials to support counseling and treatment adherence

@  One-on-one and group communication aids

@  Thematic street theatre scripts and song booklets

@  Reminder materials such as desk and wall calendars

@  Outdoor media design, including bus panels, hoardings etc

@  Mobile exhibits and panels

Since its inception, The Communication Hub has developed a series of training films using high-end animation. These films have touched upon myriad topics, including tuberculosis, injecting drug usage, skills in outreach work for HIV/AIDS, programme management skills, and training in maternal and neonatal care for village-based health workers.

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